What are the requirements for application of new service connection?

The basic requirements for a new service connection include the following:

  • Attendance to Policy Orientation, (for first service connection only) every Tuesday morning
  • Location Sketch of House/Establishment
  • Approved Inspection Slip
  • Photocopy of Valid ID
  • Road Crossing Permit, if necessary
  • Barangay Clearance
  • For tenants, submit accomplished MOA with Landowner and ISAWAD



How much is the present water tariff? 

            The existing water tariff of the district was made effective on June 1, 2013 following the ISAWAD Board Resolution No. 040, Series of 2013 and as confirmed by LWUA Board of Trustees on April 29, 2015 per Board Resolution No. 027, Series of 2015, Below is the new scheduled of the water rates:

Minimum Charge (PhP) Commodity Charge(Php/cu.m.)
0-10 cu. m 11-20 cu.m. 21-30 cu.m. 31-40 cu.m. 41-up cu.m
Residential/Government 160.00 17.60 19.50 21.50 24.00
Commercial/Industrial 320.00 35.20 39.00 43.00 48.00
Semi-Commercial A 280.00 30.80 34.13 37.63 42.00
Semi-Commercial B 240.00 26.40 29.25 32.25 36.00
Semi-Commercial C 200.00 22.00 24.38 26.88 30.00
Bulk/Wholesale 480.00 52.80 58.50 64.50 72.00




If I cannot pay my bill on-time, how much is the penalty or surcharge?

            The penalty for late payment of water bill is 10% of the amount due.


How many days after bill due date will my service connection be disconnected?

            Your service connection will be cut-off if your water bill remains unpaid ten (10) days after due date.


Can I apply for promissory payment? How do I do that?

             Before your due date, you can promise to pay at a later date, however, not more than five (5) days after. You may approach the Customer Service Assistants assigned at the Customer Service Desk who will assist you in accomplishing the Promissory Note form.