Republic of the Philippines


P. Garcia St., Isabela City, Basilan

August 22, 2017


To Our Valued Concessionaires:


Please be informed that the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) has already approved the imposition of the septage/sanitation fee per LWUA Board of Trustees Resolution No. 063, S. 2017 dated July 10, 2017. The fee shall be collected in the form of environmental fee to be included in your monthly water bills at a rate of PhP1.16 per cubic meter of water consumed.


Prior to this approval, the imposition of the environmental fee was presented during the public hearing last June 1, 2013. As presented, the fee shall cover the payment for the septage de-sludging, collection and treatment services to be provided by ISAWAD. For this purpose, each household shall be scheduled for regular de-sludging and collection of septage from the septic tanks through the vacuum truck once in a 5-year cycle beginning 2017-2021 and every five years thereafter. The collected septage shall be transported to the ISAWAD Wastewater Enhancement for Environmental Care (ISAWAD W.E.E. Care) Treatment Plant located at Tabiawan Barangay, Isabela City for the proper treatment and disposal in accordance with environmental and health regulations. Likewise, the provision of these services is in compliance to the water district’s mandates under P.D. 198, R.A. 9275: Clean Water Act of 2004, and City Ordinance No. 15-436.


For your guidance, below is a sample computation of the estimated costs of the environmental fee. The costs will vary depending on the water consumption per month.

Monthly Water Consumption

Approved Rate per Cubic Meter

Equivalent Rate of Environmental Fee

Cost per Month

Total Cost per Year

Total Costs within the Five-Year Cycle

10 cu.m. 1.16 11.60 139.20 696.00
15 cu.m. 1.16 17.40 208.80 1,044.00
20 cu.m. 1.16 23.20 278.40 1,392.00
25 cu.m. 1.16 29.00 348.00 1,740.00
30 cu.m. 1.16 34.80 417.60 2,088.00

The collection of the environmental fee shall be effective October 2017 on the basis of the consumption for the month of September 2017 per ISAWAD Board Resolution No. 078, s. 2017. For more information and other queries, please feel free to visit our office.


Thank you very much for your continued patronage and we are looking forward to your active support for the protection of our health and environment through this program.


                                                                                    Very truly yours,


                                                                                    ALELI C. ALMODOVAR

                                                                                    General Manager